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Made in Belgium to relive the best concerts at home

Van Hauwaert speakers are designed and built close to Antwerp, Flanders. Our small country hosts great musicians and Van Hauwaert was able to collaborate with some of the best who used these speakers in live performances (like Günter Neuhold, Toots Thielemans, Yehudi Menuhin, Yves Storms and Walter Boeykens ensemble). A top quality guitar sounds exactly the same through the speaker but its music now reaches further and the guitarist feels no need to battle with the orchestra.

Van Hauwaert SPEAKERS

Discover the soul of purity

Crystal clear sound and massive performance

40 years of research and a unique approach has led to many new insights and finally resulted in top quality speaker units. These loudspeakers behave like instruments when they give back the music that was originally made by violins, drums, voices,... On the outside, Van Hauwaert speakers are traditionally made from maple or oak. In some specific cases, they are entirely constructed in steel, titanium or resin, giving voice to orchestras as if you are in the audience. Whatever material it is, you will not believe your ears until you actually hear it.

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Small and beautiful, these pieces of art fit everywhere

All speakers of Van Hauwaert are designed with respect for three characteristics: they are as small as possible without compromising on quality and they can be placed everywhere in anyone's house by using a unique technology of reprojection and early reflections. Beside the marvelous sound, these speakers are beautiful and unique. Some were even auctioned at Sotheby's!