Van Hauwaert SPEAKERS

Discover the soul of purity


If you want to know more about Van Hauwaert speakers, you have to go to Kalmthout, a beautiful village close to the border with The Netherlands. When planning your visit, a trip around the neighbourhood is a worthwhile thing to do. In the biggest nature reserve of Flanders, the 'Kalmthoutse Heide', villager Willy Vandersteen worked on his famous albums of Bob & Bobette (Suske & Wiske). Just across the border Vincent Van Gogh was born.

Another beautiful piece of land in Kalmthout is the Arboretum, that has one of biggest and most varied collection of plants in Europe. At this time it still hosts one big old maple tree which is becoming dangerous by its size and therefore will soon be felled. That beautiful maple will live again in future speakers of Van Hauwaert... maybe yours?

Remember to make an appointment before going there and expect a very warm welcome from the designer Frans and his wife Paula.




TEL: +32 3 666 84 71


In the neighbourhood

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