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In the early 1970's, Frans Van Hauwaert started a business 'Electronics Research' to sell high-end audio equipment. He was a dealer (sometimes importer) for a number of premium brands like Tandberg, TEAC, Nakamichi, Accuphase, Jordan Watts, Quad and Marantz. Besides that, he wrote test evaluations of new material for different audio magazines. For instance, the very first CD-player of Philips came to Belgium for a review at 'Electronics Research'.


During the eighties, after having accomplished studies of higher acoustiscs, psycho-acoustics and building acoustics, Frans Van Hauwaert started engineering speakers and recording technics. His first commercial speaker, the 'Noble Sound One' was manufactured by the Dutch company BNS. It was different from all other existing systems at that time because of the dynamic muting of the natural frequency, by the use of wooden slats instead of glass wool. Born in 1986 and only built for a short period of time, the Noble Sound One now seems to be a collector's item.


In the 90's the brand Van Hauwaert is born. The first commercial speakers are a combination of two sound columns and a subwoofer, a beautiful set called THEDRA. Many people fell in love with this system, amongst them Gunther Neuhold, at that time the conductor of the Royal Philarmonic Orchestra of Flanders. They started to collaborate. Frans was able to record the rehearsals and the concerts of the philarmonic orchestra and improved his recording technics while Gunther did listen to these recordings on his THEDRA's and heard enough details to coach all members of his orchestra before the actual concert took place. The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra of Flanders at that time was world class, attracting more people than ever. Of the many recordings that were made, the 'Damnation de Faust' by Hector Berlioz was perhaps their apogee. One internet pioneer (in the 90's) agreed and wrote his opinion (see press & testimonials).


In the years to follow, Van Hauwaert has built many speakers while he continued his quest for new improvements. He recorded a series of CD's with smaller orchestras (Pomme d'Amour, Walter Boeykens Ensemble, ...). In the late 90's next to making sound columns a new look arrived, the pyramid. For many years the pyramid was always constructed with a triangular base but recently a less tall variant with quadrangular base 'the Pyramidion' was born. The Pyramidion combines all in house developments of Van Hauwaert. It is the first speaker 'that has it all'. The quest for continuous improvement is ended. If you allready have Van Hauwaert speakers, you can upgrade them with the newest technologies, no matter how old they are.

Noble Sound One PROTOTYPE

Noble Sound One Prototype

The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra of Flanders

Concert recordings

Many Walter Boeykens Festivals in Bornem were recorded by Van Hauwaert. For an impression, you can listen to the first volume in iTunes, but off course, that does not match the full quality of the CD.

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